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musica   DJ Ali Kemal    de/em  Istambul
Ali Kemal Özkan have started his Argentine Tango education in Ankara in 1999. He had regularly to the dance classes between 1999-2002 and since then, he has been participating in many tango classes, seminar and workshops within Turkey and abroad.
Ali Kemal Özkan had his first time Argentine Tango teaching experience between 2002-2003 at Studio Dosem in Ankara, which is under co-operation with the Turkish Ministry of Education. Than, he has continued teaching tango between 2003-2004 in Tandans Dance School, which is also located in Ankara and co-operation with the Turkish Ministry of Education.
In 2004, he started teaching tango at Pozitif Dance Studio. In 2005, he left Pozitif Dance Studio and he founded his own Dance School, ArtTango in Ankara.
After the foundation of “Turkish Federation of Dance Sports” in 2006, ArtTango (Association of Argentine Tango Art, Dance and Sports Club) is recognised as an association in 2007 and is registered as a member Sport Club in 2008 with the same name.
Ali Kemal Özkan still living in Marmaris and carries on teaching as the head coach in Marmaris Tango Dance School and continues giving tango lessons in Marmaris, Fethiye and Datça.
Ali Kemal Özkan is working as a coach and also a Argentine Tango Referee under Turkish Federation of Dance Sports.
Ali Kemal Özkan also joining lots of event as teacher, guest dancer, DJ or just social dancer every year.
Estilo de Música: musica Tango 
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